Alberta’s 3-hour Workshops Made into Paperback and Kindle

Ms. Sequeira is a four-time award winning author, speaker and educational instructor. For those who can’t make it to her classes, these handy booklets will give you the desire to finish your work.  Contact her for a quote at to run a class or give a talk.

Bring Your Manuscript to Publication

Bring Your Manuscript


Do you have a story but don’t know how to go about publishing it? You may ask: Do I call on agents or publishers; what is a query letter, synopsis, book proposal, media kit? Look no further. This is your handbook. Taken from Ms. Sequeira’s three-hour workshop helping writers understand the process. It also includes how to promote and market the book, gives helpful websites and much more.

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How to Self-Publish Your Own Book from Create Space.

How to Self-Publish


Are you tired of paying a publisher to print your book and coming out with everyone else getting a huge part of your royalties? Here is a handbook to help you take the leap and publish your own book through Create Space and come out way ahead. Print for free with no hidden costs. Easy steps to follow. The instructions will help you correct mistakes, learn about embed fonts, hard keys, margins, see the difference between page breaks and section breaks, inserting headers, footer and page numbers, hidden text, deleting asterisks, publishing a paperback and an e-book with Kindle, and much more.

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Writing Memoirs

writing Memoirs


Welcome to the world of writing memoirs. It all starts with the desire to share an event in your life. Do you wonder if you can use someone’s name? Can you write by giving yourself another name? This is a handbook taken from Alberta Sequeira’s three-hour workshops on teaching memoir writing.
Writing Memoirs/Content:
Contents Page
Bio of Author
Introduction to Writing Memoirs
What is a Memoir
Protecting Yourself with a Memoir
If No Permission is Given
Sample of Disclaimer
Posting Thoughts
Using All Your Senses
Point of View
Setting Discipline
Writer’s Groups
Your Thoughts
The Value of an Outline
What is a Hook
How to Open with a Hook
Sample of Hooks
Grammar Problems
Words to Avoid
Your Last Step Editing
Where to Find Editors
Ideas on Memoir Books
Getting Published
Agent or Publisher
Query Letters
How Do I Format a Query Letter
What Makes a Query Letter Successful
How to Write A Query Letter
Sample of Synopsis
Book Proposal
Book Cover/Title
Getting the Cover
Synopsis on the Back Cover
What Happens After Publishing
Media Kit
Difference Between a Rich and Poor Author/Websites for Authors
Website for Authors
Where to Promote
Alberta’s Contact info and Published Books

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Alberta Sequeira

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