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Having a loved one who is hooked on alcohol or drug abuse is horrifying. I lost both my husband and daughter from this world-wide disease. When I did, I wanted to know what I could have done better. Where to get the answers? I went directly to the source; the alcoholics, drug and prescription users who are struggling to get their life back. I asked them over 23 questions to learn what they think is and isn’t working in their programs. What do they need from us as family members, counselors, or doctors?
One woman started drinking at five years old and another at seven. They follow what the parents do. This is why I believe education with substance abuse should start in first grade. Children are more informed about the use than we think.
This is the book not only family members but the professionals. As for readers who are struggling themselves, this is a book you will be able to relate to yourself. This book is a benefit to add to libraries and bookstores.
There are thirty-four testimonial stories of users from the USA and Canada. They are raw and honest.
Addicts Statements:
Negotiating the ups and downs of the first few years of recovery contain numerous pitfalls which those in recovery must have the right kind of help with. The best-intention of friends, family, lovers, and co-workers can be healthy supports or obstacles to long-term sobriety. Having the addicts tell their story of what worked for them and what didn’t or doesn’t work would be a most helpful addition to the literature on the subject of addiction and recovery.
Addicts sharing their experience, strength, ​and hope with others​ is​ something that only a recovering addict or alcoholic can do.
It is a unique gift. ~John Daubney ~ Author, Mentor, and Retreat Leader
I was tired of getting sick, my hands shaking, my vision deteriorating, my nose bleeding, my bowels moving sporadically, not sleeping and feeling safe, along with the violence and running from many situations being paranoid to the point of staying home all day.
I would tell doctors and counselors to listen to us. We are drinking for a reason, but we can’t stop on our own. Help us to identify the reason we are drinking. What are we afraid of? What are we trying to hide, our insecurities, our short-comings? Maybe we just don’t like who we are sober and truly believe we are better people when we are drinking or using drugs. Most of all treat us as humans, not a disease.
It was very enjoyable to write this and take a look back on​ the journey to recovery! It helps a lot with letting go. The past does not define me anymore. It also reinforces the gratitude I have for sobriety.
~ Anonymous
I​ thought the book was an excellent account of the lives and stories of those people …
Many​ addicts stories
Very informative reading many addicts stories. What made them seek help. What helped them stay sober. What length of time needed in treatment. What treatment programs need.
John R. Daubney
5.0 out of 5 stars​ A Light in the Darkness!
Rarely has any​ book described a solution to such a devastating public and personal health issue, in such a variety of voices and pathways, as does Alberta Sequeira’s “What is and isn’t​ Working for the Alcoholic.”
Thomas Cirignano
There’s no better source of insight and understanding that​ the thoughts and beliefs of those afflicted. This was an ingenious concept. Each authentic and emotional story within this book gives you an understanding of the delusional workings of the alcoholic and addicted mindset.
Alberta Sequeira
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How to Search for an Agent or Publisher

This is one of the hardest, time-consuming, and depressing stages to me. BUT, I found a sight that is fabulous. It’s at querytracker.net

It shows you how to get ALL the agents or publishers name, the box will show how they want their queries sent, who aren’t receiving them at the time​ and focusing on your genre.

I highly recommend this site whether your a new writer or an author with numerous books out.

Good Luck!

Alberta Sequeira

Book Days to Promote Yourself

Have we missed anything? If you know of a holiday or occasion that should be on this calendar but isn’t, tell us in a comment. We’ll continually update this as needed. Thanks!

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Your 2019 literary calendar

Ready to have some fun? (Look at all that’s coming up in April!) Here’s a month-by-month breakdown.


National Braille Literacy Month

18 – Thesaurus Day

18 – Winnie the Pooh Day (the birthday of author A.A. Milne)

19 – Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday

25 – Burns Supper (celebrates the work of poet Robert Burns)


Love your Library Month

1 – Read Aloud Day

3-9 – Children’s Authors & Illustrator Week

2 – Take Your Child to the Library Day

14 – Library Lover’s Day

26 – Tell a Fairy Tale Day


2 – Read Across America Day

2 – Dr. Seuss Day

3-9 – Return Borrowed Books Week

3-9 – Read an E-book Week

4 – National Grammar Day

5 – World Book Day

16 – Freedom of Information Day


National Poetry Month

Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) Month

2 – International Children’s Book Day

2 – Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday

4 – School Librarian Day

7 – 13 – Library Week

11 – National Library Worker’s Day

12 – Beverly Cleary’s birthday

13 – Scrabble Day

15 – Rubber Eraser Day

16 – National Librarian Day

16 – National Bookmobile Day

18 – Celebrate Teen Literature Day

18 – Newspaper Columnists Day

23 – Shakespeare’s birthday

23 – World Book Day

24 – On this day in 1800, the U.S. Congress approved purchasing books to start the Library of Congress.

27 – Independent Bookstore Day

27 – Tell a Story Day

28 – Great Poetry Reading Day

29-May 5 – Children’s Book Week

30 – Children’s Book Day


Audio Book Appreciation Month

Get Caught Reading Month

2 – Harry Potter Day

4 – Free Comic Book Day – first Saturday in May

9 – Peter Pan Day

12 -18 – Reading is Fun Week

12 – Limerick Day


LGBT Book Month

10 – Ball Point Pen Day

12 – Anne Frank’s birthday (she received her diary on her birthday)

16 – Bloomsday (Leopold Bloom is the fictional protagonist and hero of James Joyce’s Ulysses )

22 – Octavia Butler’s birthday

23 – National Columnists Day

23 – The first typewriter patent was awarded in 1868


Read an Almanac Month

3/4/5/6 – National Tom Sawyer Days

13 – Isaac Babel’s birthday

18 – 23 Hemingway Days

30 – Paperback Book Day (they were first introduced on this day in 1935)


2 – National Coloring Book Day

9 – Book Lover’s Day

10 – Love Your Bookshop Day

18 – Bad Poetry Day

21 – Poet’s Day

31 – We Love Memoirs Day


Library Card Sign Up Month

Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month

4 – Newspaper Carrier Day

6 – Read a Book Day

8 – International Literacy Day

22 – Hobbit Day

22 – Dear Diary Day

22-28 – Banned Books Week

25 – National Comic Book Day


National Book Month

1 – International Coffee Day (because, you know, so many great authors are fueled by coffee)

6 – Mad Hatter Day

11 – Myth and Legends Day

13-19 – Teen Read Week

16 – Dictionary Day

20 – National Day of Writing

20-26 – Friends of Libraries Week

27 – National Tell a Story Day in Scotland and the U.K.


National Novel Writing Month

Picture Book Month

National Family Literacy Month

1 – National Family Literacy

1 – Author’s Day

2 – Book Lovers Day

6 – National Nonfiction Day

15 – I Love to Write Day

18 – High-Five a Librarian Day


Read a New book Month

1 – Sherlock Holmes Day

10 – Dewey Decimal System Day

16 – Jane Austen’s birthday

21 – Crossword Puzzle Day

24 – Jolabokaflod, Iceland’s Yule Book Flood

Get a Literary Agent, Publisher, and Book Deal

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Author’s Experiences

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For someone who had no desire to write, my table has no space. Since this picture, I have more published and enjoyed writing them all.
Alberta Sequeira

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