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Alberta’s Missing Again!!


I look like I’m off enjoying myself on​ some tropical island. No, I’ve been nose deep with completing my first series of The Rusty Years; The Remembrance of Being Young.

That was the fun part. Now, it’s trying to find an agent or publisher who enjoys historical fiction about women friends during the 1930’s with the Great Depression. I’ve experienced like other authors tons of rejections. Hopefully, someone will like the saga as I do.

All my other books have been self-published through CreateSpace, but this book feels different to me. I’ve had fun writing fiction for the first time with making characters come alive, hoping to give the readers an imagination​ and pull them into the life of Jenny Rossini.

My time may be taken up with working on Book Two: The Rusty Years; Living with Regret. I will try in-between to post more often on my blog.

Thank you for following me!

Alberta Sequeira

Ways to Promote and Bring in People


There are magazines available that writers don’t know about or push them aside. They off tons of information in so many different categories. I love The Writer. To show the great contents of this magazine, I’m going to post some articles now and then to show the great information.

In fact, I love this book so much, I don’t throw one away. When I give workshops, I pass the used ones out free.

This information is taken from the May 2017 magazine. The topic is “Standing room only” on page 8 written by Jennifer L. Blanck.

Connect with your chapters:
“Reach out to organizations you belong to and ask them to extend invitations to local members and/or feature the reading in calendars and event communications​.
Author, Beth Harpazmhgas reached out to high schools, colleges, and graduate​ school alumni. She has sent postcards with the book cover printed on one side. The other side presents​ the event information, her group affiliation, the book subject, and a handwritten message saying, ​”I’d love to meet you.”

Conduct a workshop: Lead a workshop. During the talk, offer a Q&A time.

Work with the Media: Local media outlets look for good news stories. Send press releases and offer to give interviews for area papers, or write up an interview​ pitch with a​ relevant hook and submit​t it.

Book Groups: Ask the bookstore managers to include you in their monthly newsletter. Visit book and writing clubs to connect with​ other writers and authors. Invite libraries, bookstores​,, and to your event. Contact​ universities​, colleges, and schools and invite members of the English, journalism, to your event. Make the content “Writing a Book.” Partner​ with the local location and offer to donate a portion of your book sales for an hour or after your reading​.

Contact stores: Find delis, bakeries, and coffee shops and leave off flyers with your upcoming event.

Prizes: Give out dorr prie or hold a raffle.

Offer refreshments based on your book’s theme.

No one Attends? Use the time to talk with the bookseller​ about your book.

Alberta Sequeira

Another Award for an Associate Member

Kid Mobster

Michael Decicco

Michael J. DeCicco is an Associate Member or our group Authors Without Borders ( and and is proud to announce his new Amazon and Kindle release of his young adult novel The Kid Mobster which is the recent winner of “Shelf Unbound BestBook Runner-Up​ Award.”

The Kid Mobster is an action-filled, insightful​, coming of age of a high school senior and dreamer who loses the part-time job he had needed to earn his money for college and goes to and goes to work for a mob-connected scam artist, Mederick Anders…before realizing the corrupt world he has joined.

Find it now on or


Alberta Sequeira

Free Book Reviews

We read books and post the book review on Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, LinkedIn, Google + and other social media. We review films, art, poetry as well. We will try to post the review on Amazon but we can’t guaranty Amazon will post it. If Amazon won’t post it, you can at least use our review on your Amazon book page in the Editorial Reviews through your Amazon Author Central page.

Due to the volume of emails, we cannot personally respond to every request, but if we decide to read your book, film, poetry, etc., the review may take us 3 months or more.

If you want a review of your book, film, poetry, etc. in two (2) weeks or less, we have an optional priority review service for $45. We look at these requests first. The payment for a priority service review in two (2) weeks or less will not in any way make us give you a favorable review, as all our reviews are completely honest. If we decide not to review your book, we will immediately refund the $45 priority review service fee to you.



This may sound easy, but the promoting isn’t an easy project. For me, it’s trying to find how to reach the newspapers, journalist, people to email introducing your book where your genre is best to introduce.

Money is such an important factor. It’s easy for professional to say, invest in a marketing company, agents to help, and take up other avenues promising to help. If you don’t have the flow of money to get it going, you’re stuck reaching no one.

Yes, we need a book opening to pull in the reader and have them want to turn one page after another. For some authors, this may be something so normal and comfortable, while others struggle getting the juices flowing into your story.

Maybe some writers or authors enjoy the conferences, meeting other writers, or paying for the help. Search engine is a huge door opening, but again, you need to know how to get your topic and tags up on the internet or you stay hidden.

There aren’t many authors to ask, because many are not famous to say they did it right. Or maybe, I’m too isolated to know them. Again, “Networking” is the key. Get a list of readers on a mailing or email list to keep them updated.

In other words, it could be a hit or miss. You need hard work and some of us have it in us while others fall short. Which one are you?

Alberta Sequeira

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Developing an Author’s Bio

Are you at the point of needing a bio to introduce yourself? I remember way back in 2005, (boy, is that dating myself) attending a class run by Steven Manchester, another Associate Member of Authors Without Borders ( He’s an author of so many Best Sellers today. I met Steve when he ran a workshop titled “How to Get Published. He has been a mentor of mine ever since.

I laughed knowing I hadn’t had my first book out yet, or even finished, and he wanted the writers to fill in a bio of ourselves. Lets see, I had my name, address, telephone number, and the title of my book.

Now, it’s 2018, and I have published three memoirs, a Narrative Non-Fiction, three handbooks, teach three different workshops, and in the middle of writing my first women’s fictional becoming a trilogy. I became a speaker on substance abuse after losing my husband and daughter to this horrible, worldwide disease.

I developed fear, panic, broke out with a sweat, weak knees, pounding heart, and clammy hands and forehead talking in front of an audience (even with 2 people..maybe one). Today, I talk at halfway homes, rehab, court-ordered programs, inmates in jails, to families, and to the public. Oh yes, I still get this symptoms mentioned above, but I push myself through the tension.

I’m a director, producer and co-host to the NBTV-95 cable TV show out of New Bedford, Massachusetts with three other authors. I interview others on our show and get interviewed myself on other networks.

I write frequently for The Cape Cod Today blog or articles for newspapers. In fact, for five years!

I became a promoter with all these locations from hearing the difference between a poor author to a rich one. The poor ones enjoy just selling books at festivals or bookstores. A Rich Author wants to do more to get noticed. These are the thing I have accomplished for the past 13 years.

You’d think I’d be real famous by now, including being rich, especially, having the topic of losing my husband and daughter from alcohol and drug abuse. It’s a subject matter that effects so many of us day in and day out.

It goes to show how hard promoting is when I can honestly say, “A handful of people in the area know me.” I’m not famous or had the chance or opportunity to reach someone to help me get ahead. I’m comfortable within my skin to stay the way I am hoping to reach an alcoholic or drug user and save them.

I’m at the point of getting up there after years of pushing ahead, still young at heart, and try not to think about the work being hard. Age shouldn’t be the factor. We need the drive. Somedays, I wake up with so much energy and hope to get myself on the internet to reach all I can with my topic.

If it’s meant to be, I’ll get noticed. If not, I’ll continue on writing and enjoying the time being retired. We all need something to keep busy and feel like we are giving to someone else, instead of looking for something in return.

Disappointment will come in-between or something will bring you hope beyond anything that doors are opening. Example: Weeks ago, I had a producer from the CBS This Morning TV show from New York call me, stating that my letter, out of 700 from around the world, stood out to her. Wow! This HAS to be my break. She wanted my pictures, bio, and other information.

Patience is a good virtue. Patience!! I’m trying. It’s the wondering; am I going to get called, did she forget about me, did she lose interest, what is going on, if anything? I have author’s friends who have received emails or phone calls that their books will be made into a movie. Talk about frosting on the cake, to only hear that there was not enough money, or no one was interested in the book. Disappointments. Yes, what could hurt more?

Filling in a bio with what you have accomplished takes years. How fast depends on you. There are some authors happy to write, have the book on Amazon, and others who want it all. But, we have to go for it. Fame and getting known will not happen on its own…not that it hasn’t.

So, keep your writing going and just enjoy it.

Alberta Sequeira

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For someone who had no desire to write, my table has no space. Since this picture, I have more published and enjoyed writing them all.
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