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I was looking up the difference with Women Fiction and Romance books. It brought me to the site above. I can’t copy and paste the article because the author has the copyright to it. Being an author, I want to respect that rule.

You can go and see the article. I was amazed at the listing on the left side of the page for topics many of us look for with our writing. So, a short click on is worth the visit.

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How to Promote this Book?

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Promoting is demanding your full attention, money invested, and absolute frustration. We’ve all been there, including me. I have so much to offer from my experiences living within and alcoholic family and losing two loved ones from the illness.

Illness is a debatable word to use because many believe it is just a habit a person doesn’t want to get out of to change. No one is wrong. I saw it as family history with alcohol abuse, others had no one who abused it.

I believe in What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict so strongly that I’m trying a new way to promote it. Not because I wrote the stories, but because 34 alcoholic, drug users, and prescription users wrote their stories themselves. They tell their stories on how they started, their family members with use and their deaths, what they think should change in recovery, how the counselors and doctors should help them and get honest with family members what they need from for support to develop the desire to get into recovery and get professional help.

I feel this is a great educational book to be added to libraries and highly recommended to halfway homes, rehabs and any location with addiction. Why? because the alcoholic and drug addict is talking directly to everyone. It’s not my story; it’s theirs. This is a book that can be used with group discussions and help family realize what they need to change with themselves.

My journey now is writing letters to these locations to introduce myself and the book. If I don’t, these very important locations with substance abusers will never know that What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict even exists.

Hopefully, locations will order one book to review and see if it fits their programs.

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When do I edit my work?

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Editing is the last step to writing. When you begin, forget the mistakes or if the sentences are in the right location of the story or make sense. Computers are our friends by letting us copy, paste, cut, or delete paragraphs.

While we write our hearts out, a thought may travel through your mind for the story. Skip a few spaces down from where you are writing and write the thought in Bold. You can alway delete it if you change your mind. Ideas came come from nowhere and disappear as fast. Continue on with the sentence you were writing. I call these ideas my Light Bulb Thoughts.

No good book becomes one without an editor. We may think we have all the mistakes taken care of but authors keep reading wrong sentences over thinking they are correct. Pay the money and have a clean book.
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Getting Agents or Publishing Yourself


This decision has become a major problem with writers. Why? Today, a high percent of publishers want an agent to go through tons of query letters before they reach them. This way, the agent gets rid of what they call “Junk Mail.” Sad, because there might be a terrific story in that pile, but because if we don’t have the talent on how to word our description to our book, we lose out.

It’s bad enough we spend hundreds, and sometimes, thousands of dollars on an editor, and now we’re put in the spot to pay someone to write your query or book proposal. We, as writers, spends unbelievable money without any guarantee our query letter, book proposals or manuscripts themselves, will even be read. It’s true when they say everyone makes money off the writer, except the writer.

The healthy writers, mentally and physically, are the ones who write for fun and not fame. They don’t go through the months or years with their manuscripts on their desk and blowing dust off them. They don’t wait around for someone to say after eternity, “I’d like to see your work.” I had one lucky reply ten years ago to only get another reply months later, “Thank you, but it’s not what we want to publish.”

Is it worth waiting? Yes, a well-known publisher is the frosting on the cake. Then you have to wait 1-2 years for the publication, the editors may ask you to cut-down 100 pages or so. If the book does not sell enough to their liking, they can discontinue publishing your book. What if they go out of business?

Benefits with a Publisher: They get your books into bookstores, give you some spotlights on websites, get your book into libraries or other locations, maybe set you up on a book tour or send you some advancement with money to cover the tour. Remember, that gift of advanced money comes out of your royalties…if you make any.

One positive thing with an agent or a publisher, they do want you to succeed. If you make money, they make money. You may be the nicest person they met, but it’s a business to them.

But no matter how you publish your book, you still have to do the promoting. If you don’t get weak knees and shortness of breath from fear, you can talk and make decent money at small locations. Sell yourself, not your book. If you know what you are talking about, your books will move off the table.

I was told my another successful author, charge something…anything for talks or any event. Other wise, they will not take you seriously as a professional writer. Everyone will want you to fill in their gap at an event for free.

Don’t be afraid to charge. You worked for your talent, get paid for it.

Alberta Sequeira

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A Meet and Greet Offering


Authors Without Borders members.  Left front: Joyce Keller Walsh, Alberta Sequeira, Phil Paleologos (host to the WBSM Radio Show), Willie Pleasants and Pat Perry in the right front.

On August 12, 2017, we will be holding a gathering for writers, mostly for our Associate Members who have signed up. We spend a few hours together over coffee and refreshments hearing the problems we all have been dealing with and see if we can solve them.

Held at the Lakeville Public Library in Lakeville, MA from 11AM until 2PM.

Go to our site at and contact us at to see if seats are available. Willie Pleasants will contact you with pricing.