Alberta Sequeira, Author, and Motivational Speaker

Alberta became a writer from the tragedy of losing both her husband and adult daughter from alcohol and drug abuse. She speaks per request from businesses, organizations, to the public, and behind closed doors at jails, halfway homes, court-ordered programs and rehabilitation centers.

She has sent her first historical fiction out to publishers. The story is The Rusty Years; The Remembrance of Being Young. The sequel is The Rusty Years; Secrets Revealed. Both are completed. Hopefully, they will get a publisher. If not, by the end of April, you may see it on as self-published books.

Other books? She completing the true story of her father, Brigadier General, Albert L. Gramm, one of the commanding officers of the 26th Yankee Division. He fought during WWII in Metz, Lorraine, and The Battle of the Bulge. Alberta shows him as a military man and a father. She covers other men and women who have fought for our country. After reading this book, you will realize the importance of asking your parents or relatives about their lives before they pass. The book is From War to Flashbacks.

One manuscript is in the hands of a Christian publisher who sell books on Medjugorje. It’s about her ten-day trip to Medjugorje in Bosnia witnessing visionaries who have daily apparitions with our Lady since 1981. The Christian book is A Sample of Heaven; Our Last Call. The six visionaries are receiving ten secrets to be revealed to the world when they all get them. There is only one visionary left to get the last. We are not sure if they are all the same. Our Lady has told them, once the secrets are told to a priest they have already picked, they will be told one by one to the world. After this time, so far after forty-years on Earth, she will not appear again as she has now or in the past. The first secret has been revealed to everyone because of many prayers. The location where she first came to the children, back then they were from 10 years old to sixteen, she will leave a sign. People will see it and not be able to touch it. That’s when even the unbelievers will realize she was here and does exists.

One more in the making is a book, hopefully with humor, on how we all reach the age of seniors without noticing the signs until they are in front of us with our bodies changing. Slowly, we can’t keep up with the things we used to without blinking an eye or having to think about the action. It’s about reality and pocking fun at the youth being taken away. She’s holding back on the title to keep it from being used by others.

Keep up to her site to see when these books get published and are available.


11 Powerful Book Promotion Ideas for Self-Published Authors

1. Have your own blog or website

2. Increase your online presence to spread the word about your book

3. Use social media

4. Learn from the most popular books in your genre — what helps them sell?

5. Get reviews for your book

6. Write an enticing book blurb

7. Invest in a professional cover design service *** (excellent)

8. Maximize your distribution channels

9. Make the most of Amazon’s book promotional tools and programs

10. Use book discounting sites like Bookbub and Book Gorilla

11. Join the Goodreads Author Program

Important steps with promoting a book

1. Create an Eye-catching Cover (again)

2. Write a Great Description

3. Take a Great Author Photo

4. Gather Blurbs for Your Book

5. Set Up Your Author Website

6. Create an Author Central Page

7. Create a Goodreads Author Page

8. Add the Book to Your Email Footer

9. Contact Media, Bloggers & Influencers

10. Write Guest Posts and Articles

11. Go on Podcasts

12. Gather Book Reviews on Amazon

13. Use Your Email List

14. Use Your Social Media Presence

15. Write LinkedIn Articles

16. Give It to Clients (And Potential Clients!

17. Start a Blog or Podcast

18. Create an Audiobook

19. Use Book Promotion Sites (promotion sites that work)

Bring Your Manuscript to Publication


If you are starting on a book, please keep this very important message in mind. From day one, keep all receipts for things you spend money on to publish, promote, and market your book; no bills are too small. I’m talking about pencils, paper, computers (and repairs) printers, scanners, copy and fax machines, laptops, professional photos, stamps, envelopes, paper clips, hi-liters, mailing receipts, books that you buy to reference any material for your writing, or charges for starting up a website, or blog, paying an editor, charges to pay a professional for advice, copyrights, classes to take, or travel to promote (including lodging), gas, airfares, taxi cabs, food, posters, bookmarks, free books to editors or bookstore managers, etc. Sounds like nothing, but every penny adds up. Anything, anything that relates to costing you to get your book out.

Remember to record a loss to any books you give out free. Start a document for tax purposes. Call you tax accountant if you want one. Find out what you can and can’t claim with writing. Find a container to place all your receipts until you post them. Do this at the end of each month to stay on top of it. When done, file all receipts for the month.

It’s never to late to start up a spreadsheet. Log all your spending, purchases and future royalties (sounds good) when they start to arrive. You can buy a financial disk to record. You can title it “Expenses and Loss.” Write in pencil soy can re-use the envelope with the receipts by changing the year.

The sooner you get organized to know what you are spending and making, you will be organized to hand the reports over to your accountant. Think twice about becoming your own publisher or claim your office as a business. Your tax advisor will give you the in and outs for this procedure. You don’t have to wait for tax-time. Try to be one-step ahead of what you have to plan for reports.


Checking your emails too early in the day can take hours away from your writing. I still fall into this trap. Maybe I’m too curious about who is sending me what, or I wonder if someone is waiting for a reply. Many authors find checking their emails take away time from writing. Going into your mailbox only tempts you to read and answer them. The next thing you know, it’s lunchtime.

Next.., Writer Groups. If you care to purchase Bring Your Manuscript to Publication to always fall back on, go to