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230_alberta_and_Albert     Yes, that’s me with my twin brother!

I am working on another blog to let people see the “private” me. Who was I at a young age? Did you know I was a twin? What were my interest in high school? Who was my first love? How and why did I become a writer?

I hope you will drop by and visit while I am still building it. It’s an odd link name with, but in time, when I finish, I will probably change it to

I will keep this site and concentrate on just substance abuse. I wish the site would bring more visitors to it. There had been a time, when I was with Network Solutions that I could not keep up with the followers on the topic of addiction. I even paid for the emails to come to this new location for a year. I’m wondering if they ever did that request.

Here is the (secret) part of me at
Check the Blog section when you enter the location. I will be adding more things. My books will be available in the bookstore to get an autographed one. I can even send it to anyone you want from you. Think of Christmas coming up, someone sick in a hospital, a birthday around the corner, someone who feels lost suffering from addiction, a family member not facing the problems with a loved one with substance abuse, a man who wants to read about my father, Brigadier General, Albert L. Gramm, who had been one of the commanding officers of the 26th Yankee Division during WWII, someone alone….or just for you. Winter is around the corner. Pick a good book from my selection and curl-up on the couch and get lost for a few hours.

Hopefully, my books will be like potato chips….you start on one and want to finish them all!!

Alberta Sequeira


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Authors helping Authors

Alberta is a co-founder to Authors Without Borders ( which formed back in 2007. At the time, six authors made up the group.  Now in 2016, we are four women who meet monthly and try to brainstorm on ideas to move ahead with our writing books, publishing, marketing, where we are headed, and what do we want to accomplish?

Advantage of becoming a group?

1. Support when depression hits!

2. Talking about what works and doesn’t

3. Sharing the expense of festivals and events

4. Offering workshops, talks, books signings as a group

5. Forming our own NBTV-95 Cable TV show for other authors with interviews in New Bedford, MA

6. Willie Pleasants has her own cable TV show in Boston, MA “Willie’s Web.”

7. The joy of just meeting once a month for lunch and talking about “whatever.”


Authors Without Borders members.  Left front: Willie Pleasants (short stories and poetry), Joyce Keller Walsh (mysteries)

Right front: Pat Perry (fantasy and comedy), Alberta Sequeira (memoirs and non-fiction)  Visit us at 

We’d love to hear from you. Any questions you need answered, send them to us at