Alberta’s Interviews with Authors on the NBTV-95 Cable TV Show


Being an author, I realize the honor and opportunity of being on a cable television show to help get other authors, publishers, bookstores or artist noticed with your published books or your other talents.

Since I’ve become a producer, director, and co-host to the NBTV-95 Cable TV Station in New Bedford, Massachusetts, I’ve been thrilled to interview people who talk about their struggles getting to the top. This gives them time on the air and the half-hour opens doors for me to learn about others trying to fit into the world of publishing.

Each month, I enjoy asking a person to be my guest on the cable show. Check our scheduling at

Tune in and hear the pros and cons of others who got published. What roadblocks did they face? We want the listeners to learn from all our mistakes. We’re listed under Authors Without Borders (

The handsome man running the camera is my husband, Al Sequeira. He helps when our other stagehands are tied-up with other events. Doesn’t he look like a natural?

Al at NBTV-95

Interviews by Alberta Sequeira, Host of the NBTV-95 Cable TV
Welcome to the official web site of NBTV95, Public Access Television in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Author and Speaker, Alberta Sequeira, is a co-host to this network. Check their listing on the website below for all their upcoming shows.

Steven Manchester: Author, Poet, Author, poet, and speaker, Steven Manchester, and his seven-year-old daughter, Isabella, where interviewed with his new children’s book Bella Bean. Steven has written 16 books (with 12 in publication) and has contributed to more than three dozen international anthologies. When not spending time with his children, writing, teaching, or promoting his published books/films, this Massachusetts author speaks publicly to troubled children through the Straight Ahead Program. Visit his website at


To view all his numerous books, go to his personal page at:

Dr. Julia

Julia Schlum Eldelman, MD

Alberta Sequeira interviewed Julia Schlam Edelman, M.D. with her book Menopause Matters. Dr. Edelman, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., is a board-certified gynecologist, a certified menopause clinician, a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, an Adjunct Clinical Instructor at Brown Medical School and a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. She is in private practice in Massachusetts. Menopause Matters covers the full spectrum of topics of vital interest to perimenopausal and postmenopausal women. Visit her website at Her book is available on Amazon.

Stephanie Blackman

Stephanie Blackman, Publisher
Interview with Stephanie Blackman, publisher of Riverhaven Books.

Stephanie Blackman has always enjoyed reading and working with others to improve their writing skills. As an English professor at a local community college, Stephanie has a strong background in composition as well as literature. Riverhaven Books is a perfect fit for her skillset. Stephanie graduated from Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, MA, with a double major in English and Secondary Education. She taught at both the junior high and high school level for several years. Now she is married and has two boys, ages five and nine. “I live a well-rounded life doing what I love. I spend time with my family, teach literature and writing, and get to read fantastic books and interact with wonderful authors. I look forward to watching Riverhaven Books continue to grow.” ~Stephanie

Let me first clarify that Riverhaven is not a vanity press; not every work meets the standards of Riverhaven Books. However, publication through Riverhaven is not a requirement in order to employ our other services. You provide a manuscript, and we’ll work with you to edit it, format it, and design the final product. Hands-on is the philosophy of Riverhaven. Our attention to detail, while maintaining affordability, is what sets us apart.

Because we are a small and newer company, writers maintain control over the number of books printed and are responsible for that payment. In turn,

Riverhaven does not take any of the profits from the sale of those books. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. And we look forward to working with you. To book stores looking to purchase copies of our titles, please know that we offer a standard 40% discount. Riverhaven also has a return policy. Please contact Stephanie at for more information.

Visit her website:

Tom Cirignano

Tom M. Cirignano, Author

Interview with author, Thomas M. Cirignano, at the NBTV-95 Cable Station on the Authors Without Borders Presents show.

Tom owned and operated an auto repair shop on East Third Street in the heart of South Boston. He experienced, first hand, those history-making years when crime and violence ruled the streets. Southie was in turmoil, with both the Irish and Italian Mobs vying for complete control.

Thomas Cirignano compiled his notes and memories of South Boston to create his first book, The Constant Outsider, Memoirs of a South Boston Mechanic. His experiences were anything but typical or ordinary, surreal by most people’s standards.

His second book is a fictional adaptation of the first. Within67 Cents: Creation of a Killer, Tom takes a different path than he did in real life, saying “Yes” to each and every offer that was made to him by the Mob. Tom stated, “I’ve always wondered what my life would have been like if I had become one of them.”

Visit Tom’s website at
Bob Branco, Author

Alberta Sequeira, the host to the NBTV-95 Cable TV Show, interviewed Bob Branco from New Bedford, Massachusetts.

This book is about eight of the most important years of Mr. Branco’s life. Just like anyone else between the ages of 12 and 19, he had a lot to learn about growing up. However, contrary to what most pre-teens and teens experience, he lived those eight years at Perkins School for the Blind, in Watertown, Massachusetts; 65 miles from his home. ​In the book, Mr. Branco talks about their academic classes, the teachers and other adults at the school; the many kids who became his friends and others who made friendship impossible, along with the several sports they pursued. There were the rules they had to follow and how radically they were sometimes broken. You’ll read some of the fascinating field trips that were taken and new technology that was explored.

Learn how the school prepared the students for independent living, and much more. As you will read, there were plenty of both good and bad times. His story puts a unique perspective on what it’s like for any teenager, blind or sighted, to live away from home for eight years and hopes that the sighted, as well as the blind, will enjoy and appreciate his story.

Bob’s book Home Away from Home can be purchased at

Author, Julie Broomall

julia Broomall

     Julia Broomall was born in Pennsylvania but has lived all over the country. She has three children and seven grandchildren, one of whom has been labeled “special needs”.
     Julia is a holistic healer, using Reiki, Theta Therapy, Quantum Touch, Intuitive Anatomy, Angel Cards, and Spirit Communications to help her clients.

     Before becoming a holistic healer, she worked as a substitute teacher and an arts and crafts teacher. The author also worked for a toy manufacturer as a receptionist, clerk, Human Resource Director, and trade show office manager.

Julia now resides on Florida’s West Coast where she is just turning a new page in her life as a successful published author. The Emperor’s New Throne is the first book in the series The Whole Story. It’s a subtle, moral tale about an incident that changes not only the king’s physical abilities​ but also his mental outlook and that of his kingdom.

The story helps all children and families alike to understand that those being labeled as “special needs” or “handicapped” are just as capable and whole as everyone else in their own way​ and that every one of us has a special talent. Julie is in the process of having the second book published by Sweet Dreams Publishing of Mass in a few months. All the books will tell how disability is something a person can overcome.

These books are a great buy for children with parents coming home from the war with injuries. You can purchase The Emperor’s New Throne on Amazon

Visit Julie’s website at or email her at

Radio Host: Phil Paleologos

Phil Paleologos

TALKERS MAGAZINE named Phil as one of the nation’s Top 100 Talk Show Hosts! 45-year​ veteran broadcaster, Phil Paleologos began his passion in radio at KZNG in Hot Springs, Arkansas, as a 16-year-old​ who convinced management to let him host a one hour show about local high school events, and since then, he hasn’t stopped talking!

Serving as both a television news anchor and DJ in Charlottesville, VA, Phil learned his craft well in the smaller markets and then set his sights on Boston as the afternoon drive-time host on WEZE, as ‘The Mayor of Park Square’. In the late 1970s​, Phil became the morning guy at WNBH and later, an afternoon host at WBSM, both in New Bedford, MA. In the mid-1990s​, the TALK-AMERICA RADIO NETWORK syndicated Phil’s morning show, American Breakfast, that originated in his authentic stainless steel diner, that he and his wife own!

The show was carried coast-to-coast, in many major city markets, until he signed off with great ratings. Since then, Phil has been very active in helping non-profit organizations raise awareness and revenues and owning and operating the Shawmut Diner in New Bedford, MA, with his wife, Celeste.

Tune into “More Than Just Talk” with Phil every weekday morning from 10am to 1pm. Read More: Phil Paleologos – WBSM – New Bedford’s Local Source For News, Talk, and Sports!

If any author wants to be interviewed contact Alberta by email. If you are a writer just starting out or have not been published yet, I would love to hear about your struggles trying to get your work in print.

The interview tapes of the show are available for $20.00. Anyone interested in being interviewed can contact Alberta at her email address. You don’t have to be published. If you’re writing your manuscript or trying to get agents or publishers, it would be a great way to let other people struggling to know what you are going through to get into print.

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How do you know you’re done with your manuscript?


At some point, every author has grappled with the question of how to know when you’re done writing your work-in-progress. From obsessing over the last few lines to getting lost in endless revisions, it’s hard to know when you’ve crossed the finish line from manuscript to the ​final book. We asked Penguin Random House authors and editors to share how they know a book is truly done.

Trust Your Subconscious
“I find that I’m done with a book when my subconscious mind is no longer working on it. When I stop thinking about it when I’m running. Or if I’m in the grocery store staring at avocados and a great idea about the book doesn’t just spring into my head. Or if I’m no longer waking up in the middle of the night with an urgent need to write down some dialogue. When those little moments stop happening, I know I’m done.” (Author)

Achieve a Book’s Best Expression
“Quite honestly, I don’t know if a book is ever done. When you’ve lived with something for multiple drafts and months of your life, you can always see things that can be made better. Time and time again, I’ll have authors send me reprint corrections that are just about fine-tuning words, and none of them is wrong, but most of the time they’re unnecessary. For me, it’s time to let go of a book when those tweaks and changes are not adding anything significantly meaningful to a work. A book is done when it’s the best expression of what it can be.” (Editor)

Room for Improvement
“The deadline arrives. Ask my editor; I never, never, never turn in anything early. This may well mean I’m still working on it, but it may also mean I want to give the masterpiece just one more look. And I can guarantee that ‘just one more look’ will reveal something that needs improving. Ideally, I like to finish a book a month early, let the manuscript sit for that month without ever looking at a word of it, then give it another run-through. I always get a surprise. It may be the plot, the characters, the setting, or just an awkward sentence. But everything can stand another look. When I can’t find anything else to improve, it’s done. If that time ever arrives.” (Author)

Follow Your Instincts
“This may sound like a cop-out, but a lot of knowing when a book is ready is instinct. On the most basic level: the editor reads so many passes of an author’s work, and the bottom line is that the book is not ready until one of the passes comes in and I don’t have a single note to make. Another question that is often indicative is what happens when the publisher or publicity director or someone in sales asks if they can read the book. If I feel good about sharing it, it’s ready—or close to ready. If I immediately feel panic, it is clear that it still needs work.” (Editor)

Quit While You’re Ahead
“As a guy who spent ten years writing one book, I’m a bit of an expert on the revision process. My advice: stop at year nine—that’s usually enough time to hit the main points. Seeking more practical guidance? Stop writing when you notice your most recent changes have made matters worse, not better.” (Author)

It’s All in the Delivery
“When editing nonfiction, I feel the book is done when it delivers on its promise: it communicates its information in the most pleasing and effective way, and has answered the readers’ anticipated questions. With fiction, you also want to deliver what the reader wants, but that’s often the opposite: to be surprised and taken to unexpected places! In both cases, I’m there to push the author to go a little deeper, sometimes over and over again. When you get back diminishing returns, you know it’s finished.” (Editor)

Read, Edit, Repeat
“While writing the book, I edit along the way. When I get to the end of the story, then the real work begins. I start at the beginning and analyze each scene and chapter for continuity of time, place, emotion, or anything else that might be out of whack. After those changes, I do one more read-through to make sure it’s all working. Usuall,​y at this point, the book is done . . . until I get back the edits. Then I repeat, making sure to analyze and read until all the edits are accepted.” (Author)

The Tipping Point
“How do I know when we’re done with a book? When the writer and I simply can’t bring ourselves to look at it one more time. But really, there always comes a point at which the whole thing tips, and you suddenly start wondering if instead of making a piece of writing better, you are actually making it worse. You mess with it and mess with it and mess with it, and it gets better and stronger . . . and then it starts to lose something. That’s when I know we’re done.” (Editor)

Completed To-do List
“I knew I was done when I read straight through a draft of my manuscript and realized I had fixed all the things on my ongoing mental ‘to-fix’ list. Nothing had given me enough pause to stop my read-through. That was a good day!” (Author)

Only the Author Knows
”The most important thing to keep in mind is that ultimately it’s the author’s book, with their name on the cover, not the editor’s. While I will always ask for the revisions and edits that I think will make a manuscript the best book it can be, at the end of the day only the author can know when they are done.” (Editor)

Learn to Let Go
“There is only one way I know I am done writing: when I am holding the finished hardcover in my hands for the first time and it is finally crystal clear that begging for a comma to be removed on page 134 will eventually, ultimately, mercifully do me no good.” (Author)

Milena Schmidt is part of the Consumer Marketing Development and Operations Group.

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”The Effect of Alcoholism on the Whole Family

* The devastating toll of alcoholism on the family
* The self-destruction of the addict
* For those looking for strength from their own alcoholic-driven problems
* The enabling
* Blackouts/physical and emotional abuse
* Denial
* Protecting the children
* Breakdowns
* Feelings of hopelessness
* Communication in the marriage
* Professional help
* Separation or divorce
* Ignoring the signs of teenage drinking
* Hidden emotional problems with the children
* Taking time to listen and communicate with your teen
* Giving complete support
* Being involved in their counseling, doctor’s appointments and recovery program

“My Spiritual Changes Within”

* Focus on relationships with our loved ones
* Strengthening your belief in your faith
* Tours to Medjugorje/spiritual renewals
* Alberta’s spiritual experience in Medjugorje
* The secrets Our Lady is giving the visionaries
* Description of the apparitions
* The importance of Confession
* Miracles all around us
* Awareness of God in our lives
* Alberta encourages us to examine our life
* Recognize the value of thankfulness
* Saying goodbye to our loved ones
* Renew the joy in life

”Where am I Heading?”

(School Program)
* The introduction to alcohol and drugs
* Signs of alcohol abuse
* Following the crowd
* Binge drinking
* Hereditary or a disease
* Habit, action, location, and friends
* Facing your family and school problems
* Recovery programs
* Breaking from the drinking and drug friends
* Getting on with life
* The reality of Cirrhosis of the Liver

**Alberta is willing to talk on any topic you may want for your event. She would love to discuss what would be the best fit. Please feel free to send questions to

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References from the Bristol Correction Office at Faunce Corner Road in North Dartmouth, MA:
1. Rui M. Lima, MA, MSW, LICSW, Director of Substance Abuse & Social Servies Programs & Treatment: Telephone: 508-995-6400 ext. 2821
2. Matthew Robitaille, Director of Classification and Programs;​ Telephone: 508-995-6400 ext. 2504

Alberta Sequeira


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