Month: January 2019



Short Stories and Poems Workshop

In the beginning…you have an idea—that needs to be expressed.  It nags at you.  You are obsessed with it.  It just has to be written down. Then what?

Take the Challenge …… The Friends of the Uphams Corner Library is challenging YOU to come join our four-week writing group.  We will help you write that great short story or poem.    All participant will be eligible to have their work included in The Friends of the Uphams Corner Library Anthology.   The book will be published in 2019.

You must register.  The deadline is March 2, 2019.  Space is limited!

 $30 donation holds your space. All proceed will go toward publishing the book. 

You can sign up for any one of 2 locations:

Friday, March 8, 15, 22, 29.  At the Boston Home, 2049 Washington Street Dorchester.  (handicap accessibility)

Saturday 9,16,23,30.   At the Uphams Corner Library, 500 Columbia Road, Dorchester, MA.  02125

Times at both location: 10am to Noon

Email at    and  or

 call 617-265-0139 for more information.

Mail a check or money order payable to The Friends of the Uphams Corner Library.  500 Columbia Road, Dorchester, MA 02125  

***Please include a note with your name, address, phone number, email, and your preferred location.Sponsored by Friends of Uphams Corner Library and Authors Without Borders 


Prometheus Books Excepting Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone: Go to

Prometheus Books is a large established publisher of what they like to call “intelligent non-fiction.” They specialize in publishing non-fiction books that fall into the following categories: popular science, philosophy, atheism, humanism, and critical thinking. They used to run two imprints but recently sold them to Start Media.

For a while their website was down and they were closed to unsolicited submissions. But they continued to publish books during that period. They have a good reputation and are distributed world wide by Penguin Random House.

Prometheus books was started in 1969 by the philosopher Paul Kurtz, who was also the founder of the Council for Secular Humanism. Since 1969 they have published over 2,500 books

The authors they have published include Isaac Asimov, Tom Toles, S. T. Joshi, Philip J. Klass, and Julian Huxley.

If you are interested in submitting, they request that you submit a letter of inquiry first. The letter introduces your topic and briefly outlines your project. This letter should also discuss relevant competing works, the potential market, the availability of the complete manuscript (or its likely completion date), and the manuscript’s (proposed) length. You should also submit a copy of your CV or resume that includes publishing history.

All letters of inquiry must be mailed to Prometheus. They do not read emailed quires.

You can read their complete submission guidelines here. The submissions guidelines are a downloadable PDF. You can get a better idea of what they publish by browsing their catalog here.

About Us: We’re dedicated to helping authors build their writing careers. We send you reviews of publishers accepting submissions, and articles to help you become a successful, published, author. Everything is free and delivered via email. You can view our privacy policy here. To get started sign up for our free email newsletter.

Want to be an Artist?

Let Ann Tell you:

When I graduated from art school, I had absolutely no idea how to make art a career.  They simply didn’t offer any classes on the professional side of creativity. It took me years of stops and starts and figuring it all out by myself. I always wanted to be my own boss, so in 2001 I began working as a small business consultant and personal assistant.  I used what I learned “on the job” and applied it to my art career.  In 2013, I made the scary leap from a regular paycheck to working as an artist full-time.  And I am pleased to say that every year since my business has either grown or held steady, plus I get to live my dream! Seven years ago, I developed the Focusing Series.  The idea was to support small business owners and artists, by simplifying the steps needed to forge ahead and to share my years of experience so that participants can achieve success sooner.  As of the end of last year, the Focusing Series has traveled all over Massachusetts presenting to groups, guilds, co-ops, and art associations.  I also offer private and semi-private workshops in my Boston-based studio. I welcome you to join me this year regardless of your skill or professional level.  All are welcome, and from the feedback, I’ve received there is something positive to be gained just by “being here”.Groups and Educational Facilities can book workshops at the time/date/location of their choice.  The fee is negotiable. Private workshop and Coaching sessions can be arranged at the time/date of your choice for $25 an hour. Small groups (2-6) can book at the time/date of their choice for $15 an hour.
What the Focusing Series offers & Why My offerings are based on what I find to be most helpful as an artist, and small business owner.  Working with individuals over the years, I have noticed that there are certain aspects of career and business management that leave people stumped or stuck.  The workshops address these issues.
Accounting for Artists-knowing how to track your finances is key to sustaining a creative hobby, or developing a growing career.  Tips and tools are presented in an easy-to-understand manner.  All are welcome!
The Art of Communication-many people have a tough time when it comes to writing and speaking about their creative pursuits.  Learn how to create marketing materials, social media posts, how to craft business documents and contracts, and most importantly how to find your Voice.
How to Confidently Price Your Product or Services-this workshop explores ALL of the ways you can create a way to reliably and easily price your work.
How to Sell-you have the skills to create wonderful art, but selling it?!? Learn how to successfully sell your work on the spot and in the moment, and how to build a loyal fan base for your business.  
Making the Most of Weekend Art Events-are you finding weekend art events demand a lot of effort but offer little payback?  Join me to learn how to ensure any art event is a positive experience.
The Focusing Series| | 617-955-3472