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Alberta’s Missing Again!!


I look like I’m off enjoying myself on​ some tropical island. No, I’ve been nose deep with completing my first series of The Rusty Years; The Remembrance of Being Young.

That was the fun part. Now, it’s trying to find an agent or publisher who enjoys historical fiction about women friends during the 1930’s with the Great Depression. I’ve experienced like other authors tons of rejections. Hopefully, someone will like the saga as I do.

All my other books have been self-published through CreateSpace, but this book feels different to me. I’ve had fun writing fiction for the first time with making characters come alive, hoping to give the readers an imagination​ and pull them into the life of Jenny Rossini.

My time may be taken up with working on Book Two: The Rusty Years; Living with Regret. I will try in-between to post more often on my blog.

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Alberta Sequeira