Trying to Modify The Patient Privacy Act

Alberta and Al Photo

Tuesday, July 5, 2011, my husband, Al, and I met with Steve Meunier, the Policy Advisor to Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts. We sat at the conference table and gave our opinions on clauses that we believe could be added to The Patient Privacy Act to help the substance abusers. It was a long hour meeting but very promising. Mr. Meunier is in charge of the health system. He is very interested in our ideas wants to introduce them in Washington.We met with Senator Kerry’s Local Relations person, Janet Lebel, from his Fall River, Massachusetts office. I enjoyed talking to this warm-hearted woman.

 Mr. Muenier sent our letter to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration in Maryland and is still pending. As of October of 2012, our letter is now in Washington, D.C. waiting for a scheduled date for our case to be heard.
October of 2013, we met with Maria Connor, District Liaison of Massachusetts Senator Michael J. Rodrigues to help us move this along. This is still in progress.
We have also started a petition to help alcoholics, addicts and mental health patients when they are at a life-threatening state and can’t make healthy decisions for themselves. The full petition can be reviewed and signed at

Alberta Sequeira

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