Why do we write

Why Do We Write?

That is a question that will find many answers from each individual. I wrote my books on losing Richard and Lori from their alcohol and drug addiction because I felt I had, not only a story to tell, but a message to get across. My memoirs are more lessons than a story. All the mistakes I made with the wrong decisions. I was a young girl with absolutely no education or knowledge in substance abuse. Now, I feel I can save many families from the heartaches that I had from going down the wrong path with my reactions to my loved ones addictions. I guess I could have named my books “What Not to Do with Addiction.”

Many write to heal. Did I? I don’t think losing anyone gives us healing. We go one because God has a plan for us left behind. I wanted to reach out to others; the substance abusers and the family members.

Many right for fun. I’m starting to experience that with my first fictional, The Rusty Years, which will be a trilogy. It’s fun to make characters come alive and make up the plots to interesting stories.

Many want to leave a book for their family, write a children’s book to entertain them or teach them lessons with their stories. Others hope to become famous and live a life of wealth.

I truly write for enjoyment in my retirements days. It keeps my mind moving and exercise my fingers. My pot of gold will not be found in money but hopefully, from readers who enjoy my writing.

Alberta Sequeira

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