I will always self-publish my books!

Marketing is the Hall Mark of Successful Sales
John R. Beyer July 10, 2017

In 2012, Heather Hart published her book – Book Marketing 101: Marketing Your Book on a Shoestring Budget. One of the quotations is from Heather herself – “Book marketing is a skill: it takes knowledge, effort, and persistence to really be successful.”

This is true if you are publishing a traditional novel purchased by a publishing house or going it alone with an indie. Marketing is key if you want to have readers peruse the words you have spent countless months writing.

A writer wants to be read and a writer – either traditional of independent – knows that it is marketing which sells the material and reminds readers why you write.

Marketing isn’t easy though.

My first novel was an independent press and though I believed I had the skills to market it myself the sales were pretty dismal. I tried social media but not being an expert in that arena the amount of views was poor to almost nonexistent. At the time I wrote that novel, book stores were rarely offering signings for books independently published. Again, sales were not coming and I knew the next time I had to have a real plan to put the book out in the public’s eye.

Not to be put off I wrote another book and this time – of course, that meant nearly a decade and a half, and it was picked up by a traditional publisher. I signed the contract, waited for its release in 2013 and hoped royalties to fill up my bank account. It turned out that I shouldn’t have been waiting and hoping but moving as fast as I could to get the news out.

While writing my third novel I also started taking marketing seriously.

It should be noted that many or most houses do not market newbies or those authors without huge followings. It’s expensive, time consuming and a gamble the majority do not want to get involved with. Highly known authors – no problem. The average guy or gal like me and they don’t do much to push the title – it’s up to the author to get out in the public to market, market, and market.

I contacted local book stores who allowed me the opportunity to have signings in their stores. I wrote a script for the trailer for my book, acted in it along with some friends and filmed it myself along with some friends. Friends seem to be a common denominator here and truly needed as well as making it more fun.

I now do this every time I publish a novel.

A camera with a video function, a microphone with sound dampening like a wind muff and a tripod is really all that is needed for the filming. Of course, a basic idea of editing film is important but there are a lot of free online programs offered to help the amateur.

I started a blog, Facebook account, weebly author page, and joined free online author pages which do allow upgrades for advertising for relatively low cost.

The power of the Amazon Author Page and other sites like it are a must for any author – famous or not yet famous and not to be underestimated.

Research is the backbone for any good writing and I use research every time I want to market a book. There are deals out there for getting your name in front of readers and with a small amount of cash the advertising will do wonders for sales and author recognition.

With the sale of my fourth novel I hired a publicist. Again I needed an avenue to reach more and more audiences with radio interviews, blog guest spots, podcasts, book signings, and the such so I felt more comfortable having someone else doing the leg work so I could concentrate on writing my fifth for release in 2018.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t market myself still. I do and will continue to do so until my fingers can’t strike the keyboard any longer but then again – the books will have been written but my telling of the writing won’t be.

I’ll always self-market my works.

Alberta Sequeira

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