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Watch Dog Advisory

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When Predators​ and Editors closed, it was a disappointment for writers and authors. For those of you who don’t know who they were, they gave you fantastic updated information on every agent, publisher, and editor in the publishing world. It listed who to be aware of and who they highly recommended.

They closed because the owner wanted to sell the site with years of trying to keep up with it. A great loss to myself.

Until​ I had a few companies wanting my manuscript to review for print. I had three of them. One was Balboa, Xlibris​, and ParaDon Publishing. I had almost all of the information filled out in the submission for ParaDon Publishing when I got nervous or uncomfortable should we say, with a few things. Their website would not list any books or authors that they had. You had to be published by them to get this information. The last bell to go off was when at the end of the submission, I had to agree to their conditions and terms. Nowhere was it listed.

I went on the internet and keyed in bad reports with ParaDon Publishing and this great website came up:

This to me was hitting a gold mine. It was just what Predators and Editors did for writers. Keep this site locked into your future information. All three of the publishers contacting me were listed under their Watch Dog Advisory. I’m happy I didn’t hit send at the end of the submission with my full manuscript listed.

I’m telling you this long story because you have to be careful and take a deep breath and hold back your excitement that makes you go with a company because…someone wants your book!

Alberta Sequeira