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If you write, you’re a writer, but it takes more than good writing to build a successful audience, let alone blog.

Most people who are writers usually have the blogging process all wrong.
Luckily, building an audience with a blog couldn’t be easier.
I’ve put together a free training where I’ll personally show you how I built an audience from scratch, got published, and became financially free all in 18 months.

I’ll show you a simple, proven process that will help you overcome obscurity and connect the right audience.
✅ How to get noticed in a noisy world and build influence
✅ The 5 most powerful platform personalities
✅A Proven Method for building a thriving audience
No fluff, just actionable advice that any writer wanting to build a successful blog.
Hope to see you there!
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Alberta Sequeira
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This may sound easy, but the promoting isn’t an easy project. For me, it’s trying to find how to reach the newspapers, journalist, people to email introducing your book where your genre is best to introduce.

Money is such an important factor. It’s easy for professional to say, invest in a marketing company, agents to help, and take up other avenues promising to help. If you don’t have the flow of money to get it going, you’re stuck reaching no one.

Yes, we need a book opening to pull in the reader and have them want to turn one page after another. For some authors, this may be something so normal and comfortable, while others struggle getting the juices flowing into your story.

Maybe some writers or authors enjoy the conferences, meeting other writers, or paying for the help. Search engine is a huge door opening, but again, you need to know how to get your topic and tags up on the internet or you stay hidden.

There aren’t many authors to ask, because many are not famous to say they did it right. Or maybe, I’m too isolated to know them. Again, “Networking” is the key. Get a list of readers on a mailing or email list to keep them updated.

In other words, it could be a hit or miss. You need hard work and some of us have it in us while others fall short. Which one are you?

Alberta Sequeira

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