Create Space: Publishing Your Own Book

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How many of you wanted to become your own publishers with CreateSpace and now find out that they will no longer help a writer learn how to get their manuscript into their website? I have 4 books with them that I uploaded myself and now found this information out about 3 weeks ago. Already being published with them doesn’t leaving me without problems facing me.

Like all companies, money is the key. So, this great company that once helped you is gone with that free task. I wrote a handbook from my classes on How to Self-Publish Your Own Book with CreateSpace. It took me over 4 months to just understand what they talked about for the steps. I went mad trying to upload and upload.

I put this book out to help others. If you want to get your book into CreateSpace, you have to choose one out of three companies you have to pay. Before you do so, my book is available on at for $10.00. At least you will understand their language on the remarks on the right side of your uploaded manuscript, if you can get that far.

Alberta Sequeira