Speaking Topics

Awareness Coach for Substance Abuse
Below are the descriptions of my topics.

“The Effect of Alcoholism on the Whole Family”

* The devastating toll of alcoholism on the family
* The self-destruction of the addict
* Looking for strength from the alcoholic-driven problem
* The enabling
* Blackouts/physical and emotional abuse
* Denial
* Protecting the children
* Breakdowns
* Feelings of hopelessness
* Communication in the marriage
* Professional help
* Separation or divorce
* Ignoring the signs of teenage drinking
* Hidden emotional problems with the children
* Taking time to listen and communicate with your teen
* Giving complete support
* Being involved in their counseling and recovery program
My Spiritual Changes Within”
* Focus on relationships with our loved ones
* Strengthening your faith
* Tours to Medjugorje/spiritual renewals
* Alberta’s spiritual experience in Medjugorje
* The secrets Our Lady is giving the visionaries
* Description of the apparitions
* The importance of Confession
* Miracles all around us
* Awareness of God in our lives
* Alberta encourages us to examine our life
* Recognize the value of thankfulness
* Saying goodbye to our loved ones
* Renew the joy in life

“Where am I Heading”

(School Program)
* The introduction to alcohol and drugs
* Signs of alcohol abuse
* Following the crowd
* Binge drinking
* Hereditary or a disease
* Breaking Habit, location and drinkng friends
* Facing your fears
* Recovery programs
* Life without drinking


“Decisions with Abortion”
* Pregnancy prevention
* Teenage pregnancy
* Making a decision with abortion
* Babies in adoption
* Life after Abortion
**Alberta has other messages available and also loves to develop new messages to meet the needs of your group. She would love to talk to you about what would be the best fit for your event. Please feel free to send questions through this website by using the contact information.
Alberta Sequeira 
 Is this something your company needs? Contact me: alberta.sequeira@gmail.com


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