Social Media for Authors

List of popular social media networks for Authors: From Indie Writers Support at

– Pinterest is a photo sharing network with 175 million monthly users, which should be a perfect haven for writers with attractive book covers to generate revenues. To learn how you can dive into the Pinterest marketing, to attract its users to your published book, go to We highly recommend this network for writers of feminine genres, like romance, children’s books, gardening, crafts, cooking, and erotica subjects, because the larger audience of Pinterest are females, who are attracted to glamorous images (in my opinion).

– Instagram is very much like Pinterest, but with a larger audience of 700 million users who mostly range well under the thirty years of age. Photo sharing moves a lot quicker with Instagram, and that’s why we’re recommending it to authors with attractive graphics. To learn how you can market your book directly to Instagram’s precise audience, go to We highly recommend this network for writers of Fantasy, Erotica, and Younger Adult books.

– Facebook, the largest social media network in the world with two billion active users, is a very resource marketplace for novice and established authors to make themselves known to larger audiences. The many features of Facebook allow people to be drawn to new things every minute, and for a writer with a deep pocket to spend on his/her book, Facebook Advertising could be the system that will fix the dropping book sales. To learn about marketing with Facebook go to We highly recommend this network for writers of Mysteries, Suspense Thrillers, Family subject, Non-Fiction, Experimental, Fantasy etc.

– Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, Linkedin is a professional network for job seeking & networking people with upper-class standards and wants. With over 400 million active users, this network serves as the perfect haven for serious writers who want to reach serious audience capable of buying or downloading their book instantly. To market on LinkedIn, go to Highly recommended for Non-Fictions, Literary Fictions, and How-To books.

– Goodreads, the perfect, most advanced social media network designed specifically for authors and readers. I don’t think there is anything more or less to be said about this network on how it greatly benefit writers everyday in ways of generating reviews and book sales. Geared toward writers of all genres, Goodreads is open to any author reaching to reach new readers. Goodreads have two forms of advertising for authors; direct-advertising (emailing), and self-serve advertising. Go to to learn how you can apply for both.

– Twitter is the fasted social sharing network in the world, where words can travel and spread to a million audience within a minute. Suitable for writers with newsworthy stories, Twitter can quickly get your book blurb and its cover art seen by thousands. You can learn all about Twitter advertising at Highly recommended for Paranormal, Thriller, and Mystery genres.

– Amazon is thus far the most marketable site for authors looking to gain new fans and readers. Imagine your book displaying next to New York Times best-selling novels, instantly recommending it to the thousands of shoppers who are looking for their next book, under your novel’s category. That is what advertising on Amazon can do for independent authors. It will get your book noticed by the right audience. Highly recommended for every author. To learn how you can access Amazon’s advertising, go to