Instant Spell Check

A “FREE” installment to correct your spelling mistakes instantly. Go to their website at​

It will make your work shine.

I was absolutely AMAZED at this upload. It even corrects mistakes in your emails.

But, more importantly, I finished my manuscript and had made multiple changes after being edited. I have Word and I took it for granted that the program would​ highlight the changes I needed. This upload did nothing with my MS in Word.

I took sections; one by one from my manuscript, and copied and pasted them into a new post in WordPress and it was shocking. (I would delete the section after I corrected mine in the MS and resend another section into the post to find my mistakes).

This correction worked not only highlighting the misspelled words but told me when to add or not commons, colons, to add other words to flow better. It worked exactly like an editor. I highly recommend uploading this Word Check.