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Authors Without Borders is providing links to web sites that you can visit for a variety of information.  These include: review sites; sites for authors; various resources and much more.  Authors Without Borders has utilized, individually or as a group, the resources listed below.  More web sites will be added in the future.Author Resources:  (Association of Author Representatives)  (Mystery Writer’s of America)  (Writing Information)   (Bulletin Board for Writing Needs like editing, for example)  (Listing of Suspect agents, publishers, etc.) (Bookmarks, business cards, etc.) (Animated Banners and more. See Patricia Perry’s Home page for an example) (Photos that can, for a fee, be used for covers, etc.)  (A must have resource for any writer that covers agents, publishers etc.)  (Web site for Readers and Authors)  (Web site for Readers and Authors)  (Web Site for Readers and Authors)


Review Sites: (Canada) (Massachusetts) (Texas)Contact your local newspapers and offer your book for review.  Follow up with phone calls (e-mails are easily deleted and are impersonal) and politely ask if the individual assigned to the book review section is interested. There are many individuals/web sites eager to review your book.  Remember that fees will be charged for a variety of services associated with a review. Always check with the Better Business Bureau- if there is a red flag about a service it will more than likely pop up there.


Alberta Sequeira

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