How to Publish a Book

**Remember, you decide if certain publishing companies are for you. Check them out and all the details they send you. Not sure? Call them and have your questions ready.

The Many Faces of Self-Publishing
You may not fit one of these profiles perfectly—we’re all in different stages of finishing our masterpiece—but if you can find even the slightest resemblance, you are in the right place.


The Indie Author

You have a finished book (Congrats!)
You want to crunch some numbers
You need to decide what book types you want
How to Publish with IngramSpark »
The Professional

You’re a small publisher with titles ready to upload
All your business documents are in order for account creation
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Not Finished With Your Book Yet?

Check out the IngramSpark Guide to Independent Publishing or create your free account with IngramSpark.

Check Out the Self-Publishing Guide »
or Get Started »

Tons of flexibility and straightforward​ pricing for all the different ways you want to self-publish.
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What You Can Do With IngramSpark

More book types and formatting options than you can shake a stick at. Hardbacks, paperbacks, and e-books. You wrote it—you decide how it gets made.

Get the perfect number of books with print on demand
Choose from a wide range of print book types with varying options
Print in premium color or crisp, clean black-and-white
Create e-books accepted at all major online retailers, available on the most popular devices
What You Can Do With IngramSpark
Journey Distribution
Global print and digital distribution under one roof.

Access markets across the globe through Ingram’s print partnerships
Connect to more than 39,000 retailers and libraries all over the world
Simplify print and digital distribution through one platform
Reach all the major channels—Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and more
Print Distribution Partners »
Online Retail Partners »
Connect with more booksellers, libraries, educators, and online retailers through Ingram channels.

Feature your titles in one of Ingram’s family of Advance catalogs, published monthly and bi-monthly – Advance, Christian Advance, ​and Children’s Advance.
Advertise in E-Central, Ingram’s monthly newsletter reaching more than 100+ online retailers and 180+ subscribers
Check out some of our friends that can help you promote your book
We’re always coming up with new ways to help get your books in front of more readers, so check back often. You can also reach out to one of IngramSpark’s helpful self-publishing service pros to find out about other ways to sell more books.

Journey Promote
Journey Manage
You wrote, you published, now watch your book conquer the world. One location to edit and update all your print and digital files, track sales, and view orders.

Upload new print and digital files anytime with simple drag and drop functionality
Add metadata to your titles so more readers and buyers can find your book online
Order copies and choose where to send them—as many or as few as you need
Edit your titles whenever you need, from new cover images to text edits
Run reports to see your current sales numbers or view the status of pending orders
All of this on one platform. So what are you waiting for? Start publishing today!
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