Formatting for an E-Book

Smashwords has a free ebook on formatting your ebook.  This is a free formatting guide. Very good. Some people found it a bit difficult  to follow but as long as you take it slow and step by step you should be fine. It’s a little longer than some other methods, but his goal is to give you a very clean finished product.
My Advice:

1.  Kindle needs your manuscript in Word file.
2. Put no Headers and Footers into your document
3. Separtate chapters or desired sections with Page Breaks.
4. If pages do not line up on the top page as you want with the breaks, go into View and then Drafts. It will show all the breaks you need and the ones you need to take out.
5. This will format your book into Kindle looking professional.
6. Save your finished file as a new name: Example Kindle File

Create Space:

When you complete your Kindle, save your manuscript with another name
1. DO NOT put your Headers and Footers into your manuscript until you sent your document to to decide on the size of the book.
2. Save this as a new file, example Create Space Book.
3 Make all your changes in the new file
4 When your corrections are COMPLETE and ready to send to Create Space, you can then do the last task of adding Headers and Footers and Page Breaks.

If things do not line up with breaks, go into View and click on Drafts. It will show you were all the page breaks are and where they need to be taken out.

 Alberta Sequeira
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