Festival Photos

Janet Lebel     185_New_AWB_Membership_Picture    Tory Johnson

293_lg._jamiaca_talk    233_Border_s_Bookstore

293_Introducing_my_new_book_at_Palm_Springs,_CA    283_Book_Signing_Somethin_s_Brewin

233_book_signing_at_Providence_Marriott   223_Captain_George_Devlin

277_Summer_Fest_1   277_NB_Summerfest

DSC01697   NB Book Festival

Albert, Al, Alberta in Florida            DSC01482    Tory Johnson         tom-being-interviewed-by-alberta

AWB at the Olive Garden

alberta-laying-in-hammock     AlbertaMichael.jpg

awbandphil     janet-lebel

dsc01697     lafayette-advertising

senator-john-kerrys-office     speaker

Alberta Sequeira

Contact me: alberta.sequeira@gmail.com


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