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Neal Howard
Neal Howard
Presenter: Neal Howard from Health Professional Radio from the UK

Guest: Alberta Sequeira
Guest Bio: Alberta Sequeira is a four-time award winning author, motivational speaker, a co-founder to Authors Without Borders. book “What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict”. She is the author of “Please God, Not Two; This Killer Called Alcoholism” a sequel to her book, “Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round; An Alcoholic Family in Crisis”. She is a Continuing Educational instructor with workshops for writers, and a director, producer and co-host of the NBTV-95 Cable TV Show.

Segment Overview: Alberta Sequeira discusses surviving the road to sobriety and freedom from drug addiction. Also discussed are ways that a person can find help and support once they realize that help is needed. She talks about how and why people fail in their attempts at recovery.


Alberta Sequeira

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