Guerrilla Marketing for Writers


Relationships make sales

Marketing is a needed investment/consistent promotion

4-6 promotion before the book is published

Keep choosing topics to write about with your book

Seminars, workshops, speaking engagements (call media to cover your event)

Bio in the back of the book/invite readers to your website and leave their email address

Get catalogs for free at libraries/big houses list promotion techniques

Come up with new ideas/they excite people

Raise funds for an event and cover a charity

Create books you can market

Keep up with the competition


What kind of support can you offer me; will you send out books for my talks, will you take the books back and not charge the location, do you handle book request; will you cover travel expenses, can I sell books at an event

Sell yourself/if you know what you’re talking about, books will sell; tell readers what they will benefit reading your book.

Reviews in Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and libraries. The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune Books, The Washington Post Book World, and the Wall Street Journal. Check Literary Market Place for BEA yearly dates. Read up on the offers and benefits of BEA (Book Expo of America). Get other authors to share in the cost of rooms.



Bring a SASE with a paper head to book managers and ask for endorsements/go a week before and bring a book to showcase in the window

Leave business cards

Bring a poster to be advertised with your upcoming event, leave business cards by the poster

Have gifts to pass out to those coming/special ones for those who buy

Have the gifts relate to your book

Leave autographed books with the manager to place on the shelves/have stickers with the word “Autographed on them)

Have flyers to pass out.

Have gift wrapping if someone wants to give it out as a gift.  Have them cut to the size you want already.

Have a “Thank You” note for the manager with a gift



Academic fields such as history, health, psychology have associations that will sponsor conferences.



Contact hosts to cover you and your book with your event.  Leave them a signed copy. Ask for an endorsement.


Books open doors to get speaking engagements.  Find SOMETHING you can talk about from the topic of your book, even fiction. Offer writing assignments, call broadcasting and the media. Can you write other books on your subject? Offer your book for raffles and charities. Ask before the raffle of your book comes, if you can speak about it. Ask networks if they need a book to raffle.


Put a quote from your book on the front cover.  Pull the reader into buying your book.  Use bright colors.  Reviews on the back of the book. Mention what readers will get out of reading the book.  Put your contact on the back of the book and your website and email. Have your logo and theme, offer a course or a speaking engagement


Offer to do a talk or give advice to the attendees.  What did you learn through your process of writing, publishing, and marketing.  What should they stay away from with mistakes you made?  Leave them your business card to contact you.


Put out a paper listing contact information for readers to sign their names with their emails for upcoming books. Give them a paper with advice on it, as what I’m writing. If you can, dress the part of the character in your book. It will be a hit.

Have your logo and brand on cups, T-shirts, mugs, etc.

TRIGGER AN EXPLOSION of sales and discounts.  That will immediately get your book to the best-seller’s list.  You need 50 reviews to get to that status.  Have the sales on Amazon so you have them notice your sales.  Your rating will get closer to the top and be shown on their site.



Don’t make a book too long.  People like a fast read. Less pages make the price lower and more sales without too much to invest.



Made the first two paragraphs a grabber.  It takes 12 seconds for a book to sell: The jacket of the book is catchy, bright, the title hits them and the first page has to hold their attention.  The synopsis on the back of the book can pull a sale.


This is the BUSIEST month for sales of NEW books, a holiday, someone laid up.

Radio shows, podcasts or other media that goes nationally.  Get your book out there. Online stores can print your book and offer video and audio.



Find sponsors for gifts to give away

Media sponsors will publicize the event



Offers consumer resource for gift giving.  Authors who give books out as gifts, would appreciate this site. Robyn Spizman offers helpful information to help gift givers.


Customized your talks to different audiences.

You’ll make money

Publicize yourself and your book

Generate sales

Helps media to cover to by opening doors to the opportunity for contacts, promotional events for talks at other locations

Ask for feedback by passing a paper out for them to fill in with question on their opinion of your talk

Get testimonial letters (have the SASE for them)

Add event to your resume

Ask names of anyone wanting you at their event or do they know someone else who would?

Add names to your mailing list (get their emails.) Highly important

Pass handouts.  People like going home with information that will help them.

Be available for an interview before and after book signing.  Leave the reporter our business card and a gift (your book, etc.)

Give a news release or press kit where you are going to talk so they can publicize it up before the event

Always have something to sell having talks

If you don’t get paid for the talk, ask the organization having you agree to purchase so many books

Stay in touch with your audience

Try Blog Radio


Keep your readers and followers updated with your news.  If there isn’t any activity on your upcoming list, write about your book, what you are working on, ask them question, Keep their Interest.


Read up on your host first, look at pictures of the studio.  Get there early to look around to feel comfortable. Talk about your experiences regarding the book.


Publisher Weekly (PW)

Literary Journal

Ask a librarian to show you other trade media


Before your book is published develop a file with names in the trade, consumer media.

Watch, read and listen to other author’s interviews

Get prep for hard questions/media coach can help prepare you

Make a list of important topics to cover for listeners to learn about you and your book

Use humor

Look for media coverage that you can tie your book into that’s updated

Get a famous person in your genre give you nationwide credibility

Every day, more than 4,000 radio and TV shows have more than 10,000 guests. Go on google and key in TV and radio stations in your state.  You can go from one side of the country to the next with interviews by Zoom. Major shows pay for transportation and lodging.

Leave a copy of your book, business card with the receptionist at every show

Bring a book and offer it as a give away

ALWAYS check back to who you send information to and keep a record; who, date, name, what was sent.

When you write an article on your book, mention “the piece is from “a forthcoming book” or “a book in progress

Go to

Ask agent or publisher to add into a contract a clause if your book becomes a best seller, they will reimburse you money


Rotary clubs

A coached council in your town

Chamber of Commerce

Women and Writer’s groups

Establish a strategic alliance with a business or nonprofit organization that will buy a large quantity of your books and send you around as a spoke person

Travel with other authors to save on expense or a booth

Join professional organizations for writers

Become a spokeman


Planned Television Arts (PTA)

Moring Drive Radio Tour (MDTR) Live ten-minute interviews in 18-20 cities

The Satellite Media Tour (SMT) 5-minue television interviews

A teleprint conference (TPC) a live stage, 1 hour news conferences with 10-15 reporters

They require $4,000-$18,000. (if you can come up with ½, ask your publisher for the rest. These are major shows


On the front folder of your media kit, put your book cover

One Sheet: Rewrite your bio (emphasize your speaking experience with bullets, quotes from members, list clients (there positions and locations)

Short paragraphs on what your topic covered

Put your photo on the cover of the kit, another in the kit

Contact info

Add anything that would impress the client (articles) a postcard cover of your book, a video


Audio, video, stationary, business cards, and bookmarks

Producing an audio is not expensive/ you can find a distributor. You can later publish it with an audio publisher at LMP. They are great to send to the media and give away gifts or sell at book signings.


Make sure you have a “attention-grabber headline, a lead paragraph capturing the editor with who, what, when, where, why and how! Describe book in order with importance, bottom of the page have book title, author, publisher, date pub, price, # of pages, illustrations, ISBN, Place phrase “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” uppercase letters in upper left corner, upper right “CONTACT:” avoid sending a head shot or cover of the book instead come up with an image of you with a caption editor or someone important, put your medial kit on your site and mention it is available there, (update your release date when it’s published), one paragraph of your bio at the end of the release, send it to the editor of your genre, use Media directory listed in the Resource Directory for a mailing list. The ultimate compliment is a newspaper and magazine story of you.


Use several small stamps that add up to the first-class postage-The envelope will be more likely be opened.  Mail pages about the manuscript as “MEDIA MAIL”. It’s cheaper.


Put tips of the day. You will be notice every day and can start a conversation

To get the most out of Twitter go to (try to get it on tip for the radio

You have to give people a reason to return


Change the topics at least 3Xs a week.  Have people come to your site for freebees.

Write excerpts of the book

Ask people for their emails for your list or if you receive a message, copy down the email. BUILDyour list.


If you have a series of books, offer the first one free, and charge for the others.

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