Authors Without Borders/Authors, Become An Associate Member

Authors Without Borders Co-Hosts to the NBTV-95 Cable TV Show

                                               AUTHORS WITHOUT BORDERS PRESENTS

                                                    NBTV Channel 95 –New Bedford, MA



Left Front: Willie Pleasants, Joyce Keller Walsh

Right Front:  Pat Perry, Alberta Sequeira

Authors Without Borders hosts a monthly half-hour show on the New Bedford (MA) cable-access t.v. channel (NBTV-95), titled Authors Without Borders Presents. Each of the authors rotates as producer/host, selecting and interviewing our local and regional authors and artists. See their section on the t.v. show and catch some of our interviews.

Alberta Sequeira is co-founder to the group.

Become an Associate Member
 Associate Membership

(Special Pricing for 2016: Fee of $35 for 3 Years): 2017 Membership to be $35 for a year

Authors Without Borders (AWB) would like to extend an offer to anyone interested in joining our Social Network. You don’t have to be a published author to become a member.


— Your bio, books, website, email address and where to purchase your books will be placed on our homepage for a month. Your information will then be on our Associate Member’s Page

— Renewal will be every 3 years as Associate Members

— Information about upcoming festivals in the area

— A free Meet and Greet Event

— Free workshops or classes hosted by Authors Without Borders

— A free interview on NBTV-95 Cable TV show with a free CD to promote and use on your own website.

Contact us at

Make check ($35) out to “Authors Without Borders”

Willie Pleasants Email: or send a $35 check to:

“Authors Without Borders”

P.O. Box 1604

New Bedford, MA 02740

Alberta Sequeira
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