A new book in the making

I’ve written three memoirs, narrative nonfiction, and three handbooks from my workshops. If you can’t make the class, you can go on Amazon (www.amazon.com/author/albertasequeira) and order the books; How to Self-Publish Your Own Book with CreateSpace; Writing Memoirs, and Bring Your Manuscript to Publication.

I’m now on the road to writing fiction. Soon you’ll be able to grab your cup of coffee, a pillow, and spend time on your couch reading The Rusty Years: The Remembrance of Being Young with a sequel following The Rusty Years; Secrets Revealed. Let’s say it’s like eating potato chips; once you start one, you can’t stop until you’ve read them both.

The Rusty Years; The Remembrance of Being Young is a historical fictional story of three young girls, Jenny Rossini, Rita Costa, and Kathleen Perry who come of age during the Great Depression. This fast-paced and deeply emotional story is mostly told in the first person by Jenny with occasional and smooth twists to third-party POV which expands the story into the innermost thoughts of the others.

These three young women deal with many tragedies; the mafia, broken love, the heart-wrenching death of a mother, mafia, murder, and what these girls go through and how they deal with it as they grow to womanhood.

Jenny later becomes engaged with a well-intentioned young man, Todd Costa, who love each other despite many difficulties. The story also includes a very interesting and extremely attractive frenemy-monster named Cathy Greco who increases the difficult issues of this very gripping story.  Cathy forces the issues to escalate and race toward an extremely emotional cliff-hanging ending two weeks before Todd and Jenny are to be married. She returns from Paris, France as Coco Chanel’s top model known worldwide as Nina Mae who claims to have had an affair with Todd before leaving coming home pregnant. Jenny leaves for Manhattan, New York, after Todd marries Cathy from her father, mob boss, Tony Greco, threats to Todd if he doesn’t marry his daughter. Jenny leaves with the secret of also being pregnant. She has to decide to keep the baby or give the child up for adoption.

The sequel The Rusty Years; Secrets Revealed, follows Jenny after making her decision with her baby. The story carries into her life until she turns 92 years old to finally have the secrets revealed on how she lost the love of her life.

Once the book finds a home with a publisher, it will be revealed to my readers.

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