How are we all doing with being housebound? I sure wish I was back in Orlando, Florida enjoying the sun as I did a few years ago. We can’t travel so those thoughts are gone. Looking at this picture, I can still feel the warmth of the sun on me, sight-seeing daily, swimming, and mixing in with people with laughter and fun. How did our world ever come to the Coronavirus?

I miss being with family. We learned Zoom to have multiple conferences with family members. It’s nice to see our four newborn great-grandchildren growing and waiting for the next in June. Imagine–great-grandchildren and I haven’t aged–mentally!

Will our life ever become normal again? What will normal be when we stick our heads out into the public world without masks? I’m not sure if I will feel safe for a long time.

I finished my two-book series; The Rusty Years; The Remembrance of Being Young and The Rusty Years: Secrets Revealed. The first book is with an agent at the A.M. Heath Agency in London since February. Not sure if they are in the process of working. No answer from an email. A tough situation for authors now.

I’m reading, which I never had time; completed one 1,000 piece puzzle and have another 1,000 piece about 90% completed. I’ve framed them and waiting to see what I’ll do with them. Hate to spend weeks with them and then throw them in a box.

Grocery shopping is scary. It’s like seeing a mad world around us. Never in my lifetime, would I think we’d being wearing masks to go into public. I wonder how others go out unprotected and it doesn’t bother them. This isn’t a virus that just gets you sick, it kills. I’m a heart patient and diabetic so it’s something I have to fear. I was sick for seven weeks and still have shortness of breath. I go tomorrow for an ECHO test to make sure I have no hidden health problems. I tested negative for the Coronavirus but was tested six weeks after the onset. Because of that, I’m not confident of the results.

My outlook is trusting in God. I’ve always prayed and it helps me spiritually. I miss Mass and watch it on television. I think we’d be in a better world if we all took an hour a day to pray.

My heart goes out to the families that lost loved ones. I can’t image. I pray every night for all of us.

Let me know if you are doing something exciting to keep busy. I’d love to hear what helps you.

Alberta Sequeira

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