You Just Don't Know!

Dear Authors and Fellow Followers,

Dear Authors,

“Miracles Do Happen!”

Our co-founder, Willie Pleasants, has so often through the years said the expression to our group when we meet, “You just never know!”  
It’s her way of telling us to keep moving ahead even if we see a wall in front of us.  Find a way to get around it. Try anything that may seem impossible.  Contact people to help you grow even if you have been turned down time and time again. 
After fourteen years, yes, the big14 number, you read it right, I connected with an agent and editor.  I was looking for someone to help me get my self-published book “What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict: In Their Own Words” republished by a traditional publisher. I wanted to be able to reach schools from grammar up to collages and univerities, to libraries in schools, to have my book read as a classroom discussion even through counseling the addicted or homework assignment. This was not my book but one written by 34 substance abusers telling their stories on recovery. 
To get an agent or publisher to republish a book on the shelves is a miracle.  My agent is Nany Rosenfeld from AAA Books Unlimited in Riverwoods, IL.  My editor, who works with her, helps polish a book proposal until it shines to send out to a Traditional Publisher. His name is David Tabatsky from New York.  He’s into Narrative Non-Fiction with health issues, especially cancer, and wanted to help me. 
I’m not going to lie, he’s expensive.  He edits for Marlo Thomas and doctors.  Does that tell you anything? The first price had me gasping.  I stayed professional and thanked him but admitted his clients were way out of my league including price.  It went from $6,000 down to $2,000 because he writes on health issues and wanted to give a voice for the addicted.  The price didn’t include as much as the $6,000 but it guarantees to get the proposal in condition. 
There comes a time you have to take a chance. When will I get another chance with an agent who wants to work on a book that has been self-published since 2010?  For this to happen, my book had to be taken completely off Amazon. The new book will need a new cover (which I LOVED the one I had), a new ISNB#, and copyright. 
Here is how the transaction will start.  On May 1st, David will start helping me get my Book Proposal to shape right through to June.  He himself will make sure it’s perfect and polished when he sends it to Nancy.   
I never knew a Book Proposal was the most important thing to send to a Tradtional Publishers.  David said this is the biggest hook and attention-getter to email out to them.
In July, Nancy sends the proposal out to traditional publishers in that field.   When there is interest from one, she will help me change or add things to my manuscript to send them.  Every sentence has to be perfect. (No wonder authors have no idea what is needed to get it right).
I have six weeks to breathe and let this miracle happen….and sink in.  I’ll update you if we get the interest and how it goes from there.  I always wondered how it worked with an agent and thought maybe you would have an interest in knowing.
Keep working for your goal, after all, “You just never know!”
Alberta Sequeira co-founder to AWB

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