Want to be an Artist?

Let Ann Tell you:

When I graduated from art school, I had absolutely no idea how to make art a career.  They simply didn’t offer any classes on the professional side of creativity. It took me years of stops and starts and figuring it all out by myself. I always wanted to be my own boss, so in 2001 I began working as a small business consultant and personal assistant.  I used what I learned “on the job” and applied it to my art career.  In 2013, I made the scary leap from a regular paycheck to working as an artist full-time.  And I am pleased to say that every year since my business has either grown or held steady, plus I get to live my dream! Seven years ago, I developed the Focusing Series.  The idea was to support small business owners and artists, by simplifying the steps needed to forge ahead and to share my years of experience so that participants can achieve success sooner.  As of the end of last year, the Focusing Series has traveled all over Massachusetts presenting to groups, guilds, co-ops, and art associations.  I also offer private and semi-private workshops in my Boston-based studio. I welcome you to join me this year regardless of your skill or professional level.  All are welcome, and from the feedback, I’ve received there is something positive to be gained just by “being here”.Groups and Educational Facilities can book workshops at the time/date/location of their choice.  The fee is negotiable. Private workshop and Coaching sessions can be arranged at the time/date of your choice for $25 an hour. Small groups (2-6) can book at the time/date of their choice for $15 an hour.
What the Focusing Series offers & Why My offerings are based on what I find to be most helpful as an artist, and small business owner.  Working with individuals over the years, I have noticed that there are certain aspects of career and business management that leave people stumped or stuck.  The workshops address these issues.
Accounting for Artists-knowing how to track your finances is key to sustaining a creative hobby, or developing a growing career.  Tips and tools are presented in an easy-to-understand manner.  All are welcome!
The Art of Communication-many people have a tough time when it comes to writing and speaking about their creative pursuits.  Learn how to create marketing materials, social media posts, how to craft business documents and contracts, and most importantly how to find your Voice.
How to Confidently Price Your Product or Services-this workshop explores ALL of the ways you can create a way to reliably and easily price your work.
How to Sell-you have the skills to create wonderful art, but selling it?!? Learn how to successfully sell your work on the spot and in the moment, and how to build a loyal fan base for your business.  
Making the Most of Weekend Art Events-are you finding weekend art events demand a lot of effort but offer little payback?  Join me to learn how to ensure any art event is a positive experience.
The Focusing Series| focusingseries@gmail.com | 617-955-3472

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