How to Start Your Manuscript

Shaik Arif, former Blogger at Frndzzy
I am dividing the answer into three parts:

The foremost thing: As a writer you need to have an idea in your mind. Once you have the idea, stick to it and sketch a plot on how you will execute the idea with a pen on a paper or type it in a device. Because you need have a clear mind before you begin writing to avoid writer’s block. So planning is important before writing. Remember, whatever you plan to write, see that it will inspire your readers. Give the piece of writing touch of fascination, humour, and mixture of all emotions. But don’t forget to add inspiration in it. Indeed you will have inspiration, which is why you will be writing. But inspiring others and moving their hearts is the real accomplishment for a writer.

Important thing to consider while writing:
After you plan everything properly, it is time for you to begin writing. To convey your idea to your readers make sure that you use good language— grammar, vocabulary, phrasing, and simple but concise, and eloquent writing style— these would be the tools for your while you write. Make effective use of each tool so that you execute your idea near to perfection. Reaching perfection is not possible because humans err, perfect and ideal things are mere imagination. The best you give will be the near perfect outcome.

Important thing to consider after writing:
Do not be done with writing. Do not stop there. Revise your content— line to line—twice, thrice, and more times if necessary. Look for and correct the mistakes you made, if there are any. Also see if you can change any sentence, try re-wording or rephrasing your sentences and see which conveys your point the best.

After all the three points, you would be done and the outcome— the piece of writing you wanted, ready to move people’s hearts and fetch you an applause.


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