Month: May 2018

Ways to Promote and Bring in People


There are magazines available that writers don’t know about or push them aside. They off tons of information in so many different categories. I love The Writer. To show the great contents of this magazine, I’m going to post some articles now and then to show the great information.

In fact, I love this book so much, I don’t throw one away. When I give workshops, I pass the used ones out free.

This information is taken from the May 2017 magazine. The topic is “Standing room only” on page 8 written by Jennifer L. Blanck.

Connect with your chapters:
“Reach out to organizations you belong to and ask them to extend invitations to local members and/or feature the reading in calendars and event communications​.
Author, Beth Harpazmhgas reached out to high schools, colleges, and graduate​ school alumni. She has sent postcards with the book cover printed on one side. The other side presents​ the event information, her group affiliation, the book subject, and a handwritten message saying, ​”I’d love to meet you.”

Conduct a workshop: Lead a workshop. During the talk, offer a Q&A time.

Work with the Media: Local media outlets look for good news stories. Send press releases and offer to give interviews for area papers, or write up an interview​ pitch with a​ relevant hook and submit​t it.

Book Groups: Ask the bookstore managers to include you in their monthly newsletter. Visit book and writing clubs to connect with​ other writers and authors. Invite libraries, bookstores​,, and to your event. Contact​ universities​, colleges, and schools and invite members of the English, journalism, to your event. Make the content “Writing a Book.” Partner​ with the local location and offer to donate a portion of your book sales for an hour or after your reading​.

Contact stores: Find delis, bakeries, and coffee shops and leave off flyers with your upcoming event.

Prizes: Give out dorr prie or hold a raffle.

Offer refreshments based on your book’s theme.

No one Attends? Use the time to talk with the bookseller​ about your book.

Alberta Sequeira