Month: March 2017

Don’t change it, if it Works!!

Final Picture

Yes, this is the new book cover to What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict. LOVE IT! The cover is a statement in itself with what the book is about with substance abusers.

Everything comes with a price. What do they say, “If it Works, leave it alone?” Or something on that idea. My book is available with the new cover and ready to purchase with Kindle. In fact, it’s free if you belong to the Kindle Select.

My problem? I decided to change “ONE PAGE” near the end of my paper book in Create Space. A benefit with publishing your own book with them….if you don’t run into problems. All I wanted to do was update my old blog, email and website on this ONE PAGE.

I asked Create Space if they could delete the information on this one page for me or update it from their end, because my IMac doesn’t want to work with me getting my documents over to them.

“No” was their reply. I had to change it in my saved document and upload it again. Sounds easy? Try again. Because of page and section breaks in my documents, they all scrambled, jumped around and my breaks reappeared (the ones I had deleted in the first publication), header and footers sailed away with them ..the ones I had from the original book I had published the first time.

I worked over 10 days on this problem, spoke to 8 customer service representatives and someone from the support group; all professional and kind. No one knew the problem. I now realized that I couldn’t open Pages where I’m working from with my book.

How does a computer work one day or within the hour, and then from out of nowhere, your everyday function with it is GONE? No matter what I tried, my IMac faced me without giving me any information. They told me what to try, but nothing worked. So now, as I mentioned in another clip, it’s off to Best Buy.

I teach a 3 hour class on publishing your own book with Create Space and this is going to be a #1 fact that will be stressed. DO NOT ADD YOU CONTACT INFORMATION IN THE INTERIOR OF YOUR BOOK. If you need to change it years with a new publication, you may never get that manuscript up again.

Put ALL contact information on the back cover…..which I had. You can change your website, blog, or email at anytime or year if you have a new one, without interfering with the interior. I wanted the book professional with the new info and caused a nightmare.

My paperback will not be available for weeks or a month until the computer is fixed. If you have a Kindle, enjoy the book.

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